Just Delicate Needles

It’s so delicate, the light.
And there’s so little of it. The dark
is huge.
Just delicate needles, the light,
in an endless night.
And it has such a long way to go
through such desolate space.
So let’s be gentle with it.
Cherish it.
So it will come again in the morning.
We hope.

— Rolf Jacobsen
Translated from the Norwegian by Robert Hedin

December Birthdays

December 4 Arthur Prior (New Zealand, born 1914)

December 7 Gabriel Marcel (French, born 1889), Noam Chomsky (American, born 1928), and Lady Anne Conway (British, born 1631)

December 9 Ernest Gellner (Czech, born 1925)

December 11 Michael Oakeshott (British, born 1901)

December 12 Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz (Polish, born 1890)

December 16 George Santayana (Spanish, born 1863)

December 20 Suzanne Langer (American, born 1895)

December 21 Peter Kropotkin (Russian, born 1842)

December 30 Charlie Dunbar Broad (British, born 1887)