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Grade level: Early school 

Objectives: Encouraging imagination, building problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

Materials needed: A paper and a pen. 

Time: 60minutes. 

Description: The imaginary house is a small activity to keep children’s imagination power alive. The activity starts with the facilitator assuming the role of a builder and home designer. Participants will be shown basic things like ceiling fan, table fan, Air Conditioners, television set; objects like a laptop, computer, home theatre; luxuries like a high-end car, a swimming pool, cinema hall, etc. The participants then get to choose any objects presented (unlimited). Although while choosing an object, they can give them an imaginary touch (e.g., A television set that has a remote control to compress or expand its size, so that it can be carried anywhere and can look like a cinema screen when expanded). 

After selecting objects, the facilitator now reveals a secret that they have a budget and they can purchase things that fit in their budget. The previous objects will be shown now with their prices and participants have to make decisions about choosing the ones they would need. This will help them make decisions and solve problems. 

This lesson plan was contributed by Aaditya Vijay Jadhav, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, India.