Author: Eva Muggenthaler

Plot Summary: This picture book illustrates each picture with only two adjectives — "Happy-Sad," "Jealous-Accepting," "Wild-Polite," etc. — and each picture contains a wealth of activities and behaviors that invite exploration of what these words mean.

Posted In: Metaphysics

Discussion Questions:

You can read the book to children two pages at a time (for example, the first two pages are “Scared – Brave.” Ask the children to articulate what images illustrate what feeling. Can some of the images represent both of the feelings listed?
Are the feelings supposed to be opposites? Are they?
Can you be scared and brave at the same time? Alone and together, happy and sad, cranky and kind, usual and unusual, jealous and accepting, etc., at the same time?
What does it mean to be alone? Are we ever completely alone? Are we ever not alone?
What is the difference between usual and unusual?
Can you be the same and different at the same time?