Author: Deborah Diesen

Plot Summary: Pout-Pout Fish with his ever-present pout believes that it is his destiny to “spread the dreary-wearies all over the place.” He encounters a myriad of ocean friends who tell him in different ways to cheer up. He is not convinced, until he meets a shining purple fish who, instead of words, gives him a kiss. The changed fish now believes his duty is to spread “cheery-cheeries” to the world.

Posted In: Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Childhood

Discussion Questions:

  1. How is one destined to be glum or happy? Is there destiny?
  2. Why do people feel so uncomfortable around an unhappy person?
  3. Is it wrong to be gloomy? Does one have the right to be unhappy?
  4. How does the kiss help Pout-Pout Fish to become cheerful?
  5. Is it okay to kiss someone you don’t know?

Contributed by Lan Nguyen