Author: Herve Tullet

Plot Summary: The book starts with one simple instruction - Press here - and takes the reader through an interactive experience by showing the effects of following the directions on one page on the page immediately following, using various dots to do so. It's a fun and imaginative book that raises a wide range of issues from the cause and effect relationship between our actions to the aesthetics of the various dots. One way to read the book is to have the class stand in a circle and you stand in the middle with the book. Move around the circle to each student, reading aloud the directions on the page and then letting him or her follow those directions. For example, one student would be asked to press on all the yellow dots, and once he or she does this you turn the page to show the class what happened. This gives everyone a chance to participate.

Posted In: Aesthetics, Metaphysics

Discussion Questions:

Did what we did affect the book?
How do we know what’s going to happen?
How do we know when one event causes another event?
Was the book magic?

Contributed by Gobe Hirata