Author: Carter Goodrich

Plot Summary: Philip is inseparable from his imaginary friend, Brock. They do everything together until one when Brock is left behind at the fair. Philip searches for Brock while Brock is off having fun with a little girl named Anne and her imaginary friend, Princess Sparkle Dust. Eventually, Brock and Philip are reunited and Alice, Philip, Brock, and Princess Sparkle Dust all become best friends.

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Discussion Questions:

What makes Brock an “imaginary” friend?
Why do Philip’s parents only pretend to interact with Brock?
Is Brock real?
Is it possible lose your imaginary friend?
Can Philip just reimagine Brock without having to search for him?
Can imaginary friends do things without you there to imagine them?
Are Philip’s parents happy to see him playing with a real child? Why?
Is there something better about an imaginary friend than a real-world friend?
Brock has a man pirate for his imaginary friend and Alice has a woman fairy. Can boys have girl imaginary friends and girls have boy imaginary friends?
Is it possible to have so much fun that you forget something bad has happened?

This lesson plan was contributed by Karen Emmerman.