Zoom Philosophy Classes for Young People

What is the right thing to do? Are numbers real? What makes someone a good friend?
Philosophy is all about wondering and asking questions.


Our online classes explore some of life’s big questions, including topics such as friendship and loneliness, the treatment of animals, boredom and creativity, the environment, identity, and happiness. We use books, videos, games, and thought experiments to inspire discussions of the questions that matter to us.

Continuing students are welcome! Each series will use different prompts and explore different questions.

Philosophical inquiry is often valued for the way it promotes critical thinking. Just as important, it nurtures other essential skills, including empathy, creativity, civil dialogue, listening, and open-mindedness.

A typical one-hour session begins with the introduction of a prompt. Students then generate questions that the prompt inspires them to wonder about, and they choose the one that they would most like to discuss. The rest of the session is spent exploring the philosophical ideas involved in that question. No homework is involved.

We encourage students to help guide the direction of the conversation, and we use a combination of small group and larger group discussion formats. To learn about our success doing philosophy online with children and youth, read this New York Times feature.

Schedule of Classes

Our fall 2021 series will be an eight-week session. Classes will meet weekly, beginning the week of September 27 and ending the week of November 15. There will be philosophy classes for students ages 8-16, all on Zoom and all meeting on Wednesdays at 4 pm PT.

The cost for this eight-session series is $225.

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The Center for Philosophy for Children values the experience and expertise of its instructors and is committed to compensating them for their work. Scholarship funds are available for families who require financial assistance.


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The cost for this program is $225. Please use the form on this page to register by September 24, 2021.

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